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Programming includes:

Network Effects in Web3Bob Metcalfe, Trace Labs
From the Modern Data Stack to Knowledge GraphsBob Muglia, Relational AI
NASA Knowledge Graphs: An Ever Expanding UniverseDavid Meza, NASA
Deep learning with Knowledge GraphsJure Leskovesc, Stanford
Will knowledge graphs save us from the mess of modern data practice?Ora Lassila, Amazon Web Services
Practical Application Of KGs In The Automotive IndustryJurgen Weichenberger, Accenture
Knowledge First Design For Dynamic Intelligent Contact Centers, And BeyondShannon Copeland, Accenture
Scalable Streaming Architecture For Real Time Analytics Over Knowledge GraphsTomer Ram, Accenture Israel Cyber R&D Lab
Yes, You Can Use Knowledge Graphs In Real Life!Ora Lassila, Amazon Web Services
Knowledge Graphs and AI as a Service at AT&TMark Austin, AT&T
A Knowledge Graph-Based Approach To Named Entity Disambiguation For Healthcare ApplicationsGiuseppe Futia, GraphAware
Using Graph Neural Networks for Credit Decisioning ModelingGreg Steck, Katana Graph
Katana Graph: A Graph Intelligence Platform For High-Performance And Unified Graph ComputingBo Wu, Katana Graph
The Future of Knowledge GraphsDr. Jesús Barrasa, neo4j
Dr. Maya Natarajan, neo4j
Leverage External Ontologies And Data To Bootstrap A Financial Knowledge GraphPeio Popov, Ontotext
Supporting Neighborhood-Aware Path Traversal (NAPT) In Graph QueriesSouripriya Das, Oracle America Inc.
Web3 asset graphs with OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge GraphBranimir Rakic, Origin Trail
Identifying Opportunity And Risk By Applying Business Network Insights For The Financial Services IndustryNoel Billingsley, Palturai
Taxonomy-Driven Ontology DesignHeather Hedden, Semantic Web Company
How A Knowledge Graph Became The Focal Point Of The Internal Knowledge Hub In A Software CompanyAndreas Blumauer, Semantic Web Company
Plotting A Course Through The Bermuda Triangle Of Enterprise Data With An Enterprise Knowledge GraphMike Grove, Stardog
An Open-Source Knowledge Graph To Help Dominica Become Climate-ResilientOliver Smith, TerminusDB
A Taxonomy Of Graph AnalyticsHarry Powell, TigerGraph
Crossing The Chasm: How To Get Mainstream Adoption For Graph TechnologiesJay Yu, TigerGraph
Hardware Accelerated Graph AnalyticsVictor Lee, TigerGraph
Modeling The Startup Ecosystem Using A Config-Based Knowledge GraphNabeel Zewail, Vouch
Advancing UN City Resilience Efforts Using Relational Knowledge Graphs For Risk ModelingMichelle Yi, Relational AI
Márton Búr, Relational AI
Miquel Corral, UN-HABITAT
Build Your First Question Answering Application With Vector Search Engine WeaviateLaura Ham, Weaviate
Demystify Graph And Graph TechnologiesCarl Boudreau, TigerGraph
Detect Fraud And Recommend Products With GraphsMelliyal Annamalai, Oracle
Foundation For A Knowledge Graph: Taxonomy Design Best PracticesHeather Hedden, Semantic Web
Healthcare And Life Sciences SymposiumChing-Hua Chen, IBM
Deborah McGuinness, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Filip Pattyn, PUXANO
Jamie McCusker, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Marco Monti, IBM
Oshani Seneviratne, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Tom Plasterer, AstraZeneca
Ying Ding, University of Texas Austin
Knowledge Democratization – A Business User Tutorial To Knowledge Graph ModelingAdemar Crotti, Metaphacts
Knowledge Graph Data ModelingCheuk Ting Ho, TerminusDB
Power Up Your Data With FIBO And GLEIPeio Popov, Ontotext