Jurgen Weichenberger


Senior Data Science Executive


The application of Machine Learning and AI solutions for large scale industrial applications are forming my day. Working with a group of over 200 experienced industry data scientists allows me to push the boundaries for my clients every day. Translating core algorithms into scalable industry solutions which are impacting the core value levers of my clients, is at the heart of my work. The combination of algorithms, robotic, cybernetics and human intelligence is the critical combination to lift the profit for my clients while managing their cost and boosting their health and safety record.

20 years of experience in building complex solutions leveraging advanced analytics, data science, database design, architecture and more cutting edge elements.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Practical Application Of KGs In The Automotive Industry

Manufacturing processes in the Automotive Supply Chain are extremely complex and require the integration of internal and external sources. Finding information to decide on quality is an even more important problem. The application of knowledge graphs and defining Ontologies has changed the time to answer significantly like finding cars which are equipped with specific components. Prior to the usage of a knowledge graph, an army of employees went to the archives to find out where the components are installed. This took usually multiple days or weeks to find the right answer. With the new knowledge graph the answer is available in minutes and the OEM can be less conservative in the communications with its clients.