KGC Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Knowledge Graph Conference Lifetime Achievement Award

A primary goal of KGC is to increase awareness of the exciting world of knowledge graphs, semantic technologies, and AI, and one of the ways we achieve this is by highlighting the leading contributors to the field.

Current Recipients

John Sowa2020

Laszlo Barabasi2021

Selection Criteria

The following are considerations for selecting KGC Lifetime Award winners. Individuals who have:

  1. demonstrated leadership, in developing or promoting ideas/concepts which have advanced the field.
  1. had a real impact in industry. This could include application of their concepts in the real world, founding of research centers or companies which have been successful or having an impact in a senior role in a larger organization. 
  1. built influence through their messaging, education, content, talks and/or publications. This could include mentoring others and developing a following, or through writings or books which have had an impact. 
  1. ideas and work have stood the test of time

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