Knowledge Graph Conference

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Connecting the Knowledge Ecosystem

The Knowledge Graph Conference bridges the gap between industry, which is increasingly recognizing the necessity of integrated data, and academia, where semantic technologies have been developing for over twenty years. Our events, education, content, and community efforts facilitate meaningful exchange between diverse groups, and increase awareness, development and adoption of this powerful technology.


Teresa Tung

Accenture’s Cloud First group
Chief Technologist
Jay Yu Headshot

Jay Yu

VP Product & Innovation

Maulik Kamdar

Optum Health Director of Clinical Informatics Biography Maulik Kamdar PhD is the Director of Clinical Informatics at Optum Health. His research interests include Semantic Web, information retrieval, ML/NLP, graph analytics, visualization, biomedical informatics, and operationalized data science. Through previous roles at Kaiser Permanente, Elsevier Health, Stanford University, NUI Galway, and Reactome Consortium, Maulik has worked…


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