Jay Yu


VP Product & Innovation


Dr. Jay Yu is the VP of Product and Innovation at TigerGraph, responsible for driving product strategy and roadmap, as well as fostering innovation in graph database engine and solutions. He is a proven hands-on full-stack innovator, strategic thinker, leader, and evangelist for new technology and product, with 25+ years of industry experience ranging from highly scalable distributed database engine company (Teradata), B2B e-commerce services startup, to consumer-facing financial applications company (Intuit). At Intuit, he drove e2e data architecture and strategy, including successfully adopted graph technologies in production on large-scale data in entity resolution, customer 360 and fraud detection use cases. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he specialized in large scale parallel database systems

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Crossing The Chasm: How To Get Mainstream Adoption For Graph Technologies

Gartner predicts that data and analytics innovations fueled by graph technology will increase 7x by 2025, and 30% of organizations worldwide will use graph technology in the decision-making process by 2023. However, even though graph technologies have been around for 15+ years, it has mostly been in the past till now as a niche play, limited to advanced R&D and early exploration on small datasets. In this talk, we will share common themes from our enterprise customers’ main motivation to adopt graph technology like TigerGraph, how our product and solution capabilities are able to accelerate their adoption journey, and our on-going innovation pipeline to make graph technologies mainstream by catering towards the growing needs from enterprises in data, analytics and AI. You will get a chance to not only learn how innovators and early adopters (UnitedHealth Group, Intuit and Land-rover Jaguar) adopted TigerGraph for their use case, but also to learn from most recent adopters like Xbox (Microsoft), JP Morgan Chase and Mercedes Benz. The increasing speed of adoption and the diversity of the use cases from the latest adopters clearly indicates that we are very close to cross the chasm to make Graph Technology mainstream via latest progress in graph technologies like TigerGraph.

2021 Talk: Elevating Data to Knowledge: Practical Approach to Weave Knowledge Graph Technology in Enterprise Data Architecture

Intuit is embarking on a multi-year journey to transform from a financial product-centric company into an “AI-driven Expert Platform” company. We have aligned our enterprise data architecture and strategy to the company growth strategy, with a clean end-to-end enterprise architecture that embraces data-centric principles with an ambitious goal to elevating data to knowledge. In this talk, I will describe the burning platform of the data challenge, the e2e clean data architecture solution to overcome the challenge, and our incremental approach to apply knowledge graph technology in many aspects of the architecture. I will also share progress made and key lessons learned from the journey.

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