Martynas Jusevicius

Martynas Jusevicius is the CTO and co-founder of AtomGraph. Since completing a MSc in Internet and Software Technologies at the IT University of Copenhagen in 2008, he has been working professionally on a number of technologies such as Semantic Web, Linked Data, Knowledge Graphs, as well as designing and implementing RDF-based applications. Today his focus is on data-driven architectures, formally defined Linked Data specifications, and low code Knowledge Graph management systems.

2021 Talk: Data-centric transformation

One of the key pieces of global infrastructure today is the web yet it continues to be developed using legacy technologies dating back to the 1960s. A result of using outdated technology in turn has created several major problems. First, relational data models are a primary contributor to the data silos problems. Second, object-oriented codebases are proliferating complexity, trapping business logic, and stifling code reuse. Third, some experts warn we are heading for a software apocalypse. And finally we’re over paying for software projects by orders of magnitude. Where do we begin to resolve these problems?

In this talk, we present a data-centric transformation. We explain how RDF Knowledge Graphs, Data-Driven software, and declarative technologies can be used to create a future-proof architecture with diminishing costs. And we will demonstrate AtomGraph’s Knowledge Graph management system, LinkedDataHub, which implements these principles.