Antonin Delpeuch

Antonin has been an OpenRefine developer since 2017 and is a PhD student in computer science, with a background in category theory. He also co-chairs the Entity Reconciliation W3C Community Group, which aims to develop a protocol for data matching on the web. He loves to see open data in action tackling sustainability and social justice issues.


2021 Talk: Scaling and maintaining OpenRefine

OpenRefine is a data wrangling tool that celebrated its 10th birthday this year. Cleaning and importing data in knowledge graphs is its core use case since it was originally designed to help populate Freebase. In this talk, I want to give a broad overview of the latest developments in the tool and our efforts to consolidate it as a mature open source project. Please come along and tell us where you would like to see the tool in a few years!

Antonin Delpeuch headshot