Andreas Blumauer
CEO, Semantic Web Company GmbH
Andreas Blumauer holds a Master's degree in business studies and information technologies from the University of Vienna. For the last 15 years, he has been CEO of the Semantic Web Company (SWC). At SWC, he is responsible for business development and strategic product management of the PoolParty Semantic Suite. Andreas has been pioneering the Semantic Web frontier since 2001 and is author of the first comprehensive book in the Semantic Web area of expertise. He is an experienced consultant in the areas of information management, metadata management, linked data, search, analytics, machine learning and semantic technologies.  

2020 Product Demo: From Card Sorting to Data Automation: PoolParty—A Complete Semantic Middleware

During this session, we will demonstrate some of the core features and capabilities of PoolParty Semantic Suite along the enterprise knowledge graph life cycle (EKG-LC), which provides also a comprehensive overview of the actors and agents involved during the most important operational steps for the (ongoing) development of the graph. This ranges from data inventory, extraction and curation, modeling (authoring), various transformation steps, to linking and enrichment (e.g., inferred data), and analysis or feedback of the newly acquired data into existing database systems. The EKG-LC covers three cycles that are intertwined: the expert loop (HITL design principle), the automation loop, and the user loop. See how each of those can be managed with PoolParty! In this presentation I will also outline briefly why a solid foundation for the creation of high-quality data graphs can only be established if sufficient time is invested in the creation and maintenance of curated taxonomies and ontologies, and how these steps can be partially automated.

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