Nabeel Zewail


Data Engineer


Engineer who loves working on data problems. Also interested in basketball, F1, and national parks.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Modeling the Startup Ecosystem Using A Config-Based Knowledge Graph

At Vouch, we are building insurance products for top startups. Naturally, modeling the startup ecosystem helps us determine the risk profile of potential clients in our underwriting workflows. Understanding individual companies is important, but given how young most of our potential clients are, and how thin the public data on their operations are, we also derive a lot of valuable information from the relationships between companies, founders, investors, and vendors in the ecosystem. These relationships and their evolution in time are easier to work with using graph data technologies than traditional relational databases. In this talk, we will give a high level view of how we ingest disparate sources of information into our database, consolidating them into a single graph using static configuration files to easily map relational tables to our ontology. Additionally, we’ll explain how we use this same configuration system to selectively reify statements to enable us to track entity history, while touching on our progress in producing summarized tabular views to represent clear data on resolved entities to non-technical end users.