Bo Wu

Katana Graph and Colorado School of Mines

Principal Engineer; Associate Professor


Bo Wu is a Principal Engineer at Katana Graph and an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines. At Katana Graph, he leads the Graph AI team to build a scalable system for high-performance GraphML and develop machine learning algorithms to address challenging problems in life science and fintech. Personal website:

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Katana Graph: A Graph Intelligence Platform For High-Performance And Unified Graph Computing

Real-world applications may involve different kinds of graph computing workloads, which can be categorized into graph querying, graph analytics, graph mining, and graph machine learning. To address such needs, data scientists have to manually integrate multiple systems, such as graph databases and deep learning systems. The process is tedious and error-prone while the integrated pipeline is often inefficient and complicated to use. In this talk, I will use applications in life science to show how data scientists benefit from a high-performance and unified graph computing platform.