Demystify Graph And Graph Technologies

Event Details

LocationRoom 2 (Classroom A)
DateMay 2, 2022
Time5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Data Technology Innovators may be struggling with graphs and practical adoption and reluctant to learn new technology due to; what a mentor coined as FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.). Fearing the unknown of learning new technologies. “How different is it to adopt Graph? Do I have to unlearn all my Relational or No-SQL database modeling and programming skills?” The feeling of Uncertainty, wondering how hard is it to learn or implement? How much time it will it take? Will it work? Perhaps a sense of Doubt. “What is the benefit?”, “Will it disappear?”, “Is it the future of data tech?” or “Would others adopt it?”

This session will demystify Graph and Graph Technologies by removing the FUD and, at the same time, showing people at any skill level how easy it is and how practical Graphs can be. We will demonstrate how to use Graph to solve complex problems that relational databases struggle with to meet today’s fast business processes.

To combat those challenges we face every day, we rely on a network of friends who themself are Solution Providers. Perhaps with a phone call, an email at 2 AM, or searching the internet for articles, blogs, or any hint of a hope to find a solution to impediment the best performant query. Their responses, blogs, and articles help us, while we support them by returning the favor; it’s a nurturing relationship. They help us deliver complex solutions using emergent technologies like Graph, ML, and AI on time, reducing defects, and meeting those unrealistic response times.

My favorite method of keeping up with emergent technologies like Graph is those workshops that show you where to get started and how simple it is to learn and implement new technologies by providing hands-on (aka Fingers to keyboard) training. We will “Help You, Help Us” by showing you how easy it is to get started in Graph Technologies in this session. We hope you can help us usher in this emergent technology we call Graph.

We all have a “What’s in it for me.” need to know. How is this going to help me advance in my career? How will this help me open new and exciting opportunities for me? Let me help you with the answers. Check out these links to learn why you need to know Graph Database Technologies.


After this session, you will:

  1. Understand what Label Property Graph Database is.
  2. Know how to design a Graph Schema.
  3. Know-how Data is Mapped to a Graph Schema.
  4. Learn how to load Data into a Graph Database.
  5. Know how to explore a Graph Database.
  6. Know how to write queries. 
  7. Know how to win our Mini Graph Challenge by finding out who is the bad actor. In the “Who Did It Challenge.”

After this session, attendees will have:

  • Access to Graph Software for free with no license expiration.
  • Access to our open-source library of over 50+ graph algorithms
  • Access the Graph Database Developer Community.

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