Harry Powell


Head of Industry Solutions


Harry Powell has recently joined Tigergraph as Head of Industry Solutions, having spent the last 4 years running the Data and Analytics business at Jaguar Land Rover where the team contributed $800 million profit over 4 years, and implemented a number of Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Purchasing applications on the Tigergraph platform. Prior to JLR, he was the Director of Advanced Analytics at Barclays.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: A Taxonomy Of Graph Analytics

The take up of graph databases is slowed because practitioners find it hard to think about data stored in graphs. In this presentation I will share a taxonomy of graph data analytics, which reduces all graph analyses to 4 pairs of abstractions. I will show how this makes it easier to solve graph analytics problems. Each element will be presented alongside typical business problems from a number of different industries, and linked to real use cases.

Harry Powell headshot