Ora Lassila
Ora Lassila is a Principal Graph Technologist in the Amazon Neptune graph database group. He has a long experience with graphs, graph databases, ontologies, and knowledge representation, and was a co-author of the original RDF specification as well as a co-author of the seminal article on the Semantic Web. He holds a Ph.D in Computer Science, but his daughters do not think he is a real doctor, the kind who helps people.

2021 Talk: A knowledge graph is more than just a graph database

Customer adoption of graph databases is growing rapidly and has attracted many vendors and products. Graphs, as an abstraction, are a simple and intuitive way to model information about the world. Despite this, the learning curve for building a graph-based application remains steep and daunting, as it requires the use of tooling and processes that may seem unfamiliar, even to experienced data practitioners. Most importantly, there are components other than a graph database that are needed for a knowledge graph architecture. In this presentation we discuss these components, the tooling one needs to succeed in building a knowledge graph -driven application, and we present the idea of a “data value chain": data flowing from legacy sources, through various manipulation steps, to a graph representation, ready to be consumed.