Mark Austin


Vice President, Data Science


Senior Executive responsible for delivering Data Science, AI and Automation which has created transformational savings and revenue (>$300M annually) value, with exceptional customer experience. Heads department of several hundred Data Scientists and Engineers which have delivered hundreds of AI/ML implementations across a diverse set of business units; sales, marketing, network, security, care, supply chain, human resources, advertising, fraud, tax, and IT. Innovation leader in the area of democratizing AI which has led to several external products.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Knowledge Graphs and AI as a Service at AT&T

At AT&T, we are committed to democratizing access to the power of AI, by putting the most powerful solutions in front of as many of our team members as possible. Knowledge graphs are proving to be an important part of our infrastructure. In this talk, we will spend a few moments discussing how moving our machine learning features into a knowledge graph enables semantic search, reduces duplication, and even simplifies the creation of new features.