Peio Popov


VP of Business Operations North America


I have spent all my career at the intersection of tech, law and finance. Started at IBM as Contracts and Negotiations, I moved forward to be part of the development of a system for a mobile payment system at SEP Bulgaria. I was in charge of regulatory compliance and contracting with banks, utility companies, and merchants. I also helped develop the PKI service and register the company as a provider of qualified electronic signature services.

At Ontotext I started as a Legal Advisor and moved forward to take over the Business Operations in the USA. At present, I lead the Financial Services and Media and Publishing verticals at the company where my focus is on the use-cases and capabilities, enabling better data and content management.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Leverage External Ontologies And Data To Bootstrap A Financial Knowledge Graph

One of the most popular applications of GraphDB is as a data hub for entities and securities. However, crafting an ontology from scratch and putting together all the relevant data is often a massive hurdle for pilot projects of this type. One accelerator that we propose as a start is to manage your key data elements by creating a semantic fabric integrating your data with external models and signals into a knowledge graph. This presentation will demonstrate how to use GraphDB in order to leverage existing ontology models (FIBO) and reference (GLEIF) and transaction data (NASDAQ) to bootstrap a knowledge graph for use-cases in: Investment banking and asset management Risk and Compliance Entity intelligence We will conclude with a recap of the capabilities of GraphDB, which make it the best engine to implement such an application. We will also elaborate on why LPG-based engines are a misfit for it.