Noel Billingsley


Head of Business Operations North America


Noel Billingsley leads operations for Palturai in North America. A former career banker and serial entrepreneur, Noel brings unique experience to guiding the introduction of Palturai to the North American Market. After 17 years of managing sales and commercial credit teams in financial services, Noel understands the unique challenges FSI bankers have in broadening their customer base, maintaining stellar service standards, and improving how they monitor for risk within their portfolios. Aside from ensuring Palturai in North America runs at peak performance, Noel will often be found working to improve our solution and ensure that all customers are getting the maximum value.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Identifying Opportunity And Risk By Applying Business Network Insights For The Financial Services Industry

Knowledge graphs (KGs) are driving Financial Services Industry (FSI) disruption and business transformation, as financial institutions across the globe use them for sales & marketing, data governance, risk & compliance, fraud detection, machine learning, and more. When applied effectively, knowledge graphs put data in context, providing clarity about processes, products, and customers to drive complex decision making.

The outside-in view of knowledge graphs applied within financial services creates a superior competitive advantage in sales, service, and risk mitigation outcomes. The historical application of KGs for FSI begun with a focus on maximizing value of preexisting internal data followed by stitching together disparate external data for specific uses cases (e.g., negative news, SEC transactional data, etc.). Digitally transformed Financial Services Institutions will continue this path with the goal of bringing the global economy into focus.

The outcome? Clear competitive advantage in the ability to grow and retain customers and ability to mitigate risk across all lines of business.

The challenge is to develop a framework of intelligence which reaches past the traditional obstacles in customer insights where the outcomes drive value across the enterprise. Does understanding who your customers are connected to via business relationships create value? Can you determine points of elevated risk?

Success is achieved when contextual understanding incorporates a business network view of your customers. Understanding how people and businesses are connected within the context of a global economy is the next step forward in your FSI digital path.