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As an attendee, you will be able to watch the talks LIVE from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world. We will stream the content live, provide access to our speakers through “ask me anything sessions” (AMA) and support chat and networking as well as give access to all of the content live AND on-demand after the event. So you will have access to the content after the event, even if you miss some of the live event. The format will consist of lightning talks and ask me anything (AMA) sessions and these will mostly take place between 9am EST and 6pm EST on May 6 & 7th.

You can checkout the Workshop and Tutorial Schedule here.

9:30 AM

Start of day1

Morning Coffee

10:00 AM

Opening Address

10:20 AM

A Meta-graph Solution for Recommender Systems

10:40 AM

Knowledge Graph Maintenance

11:00 AM

Modeling Real Estate Ecosystem with Cherre’s Knowledge Graph

11:20 AM


11:40 AM

Visual Analytics of Large Knowledge Graphs

12:00 PM

Inventory Management Knowledge Graph

12:20 PM

Enterprise Knowledge Graph and Machine Learning Integration with live data

12:40 PM

Product Demo: Announcing new features of GraphDB and Ontotext platform

12:40 PM


1:00 PM

Rich Context: a knowledge graph for linking datasets with research outcomes

1:20 PM

Machine learning in Yahoo Knowledge Graph

1:40 PM

Using Graph Analytics in Enterprise Applications

2:00 PM


2:20 PM

Entity Linking: The Symbiosis between Knowledge Graphs and News

2:40 PM

A knowledge graph of controversial claims and its applications

3:00 PM

Better Informing Our Readers through the Dow Jones Knowledge Graph

3:20 PM

Product Demo

3:20 PM


4:00 PM

Brian Donohue & Bethany Sehon

Validating Data Categories using Knowledge Graphs

4:20 PM

Cyber Control Ontology and Knowledge Graph – a standard based cyber controls governance

4:40 PM

Automated Knowledge Base creation in a large financial services organization

5:00 PM


5:00 PM

Product Demo

5:20 PM

Using FIBO: A Use-Case Driven Cooks Tour

5:40 PM

Towards building a CRM system using a Knowledge Graph of Communication Data

6:00 PM


Investor Pitch Event Winner Announcement

6:00 PM

Happy Hour

7:20 PM

End of the Day