Gavin Mendel Gleason

Dr Gavin Mendel-Gleason is CTO of TerminusDB. He is a former research fellow at Trinity College Dublin in the School of Statistics and Computer Science. His research focuses on databases, logic and verification in software engineering. He is interested in improving the best practices of the software development community and a strong believer in formal methods and the use of mathematics and logic as disciplines to increase the quality and robustness of software.

Talks and Events

Exploring the Power of Content Knowledge Graphs: Unlocking the Potential of Structured Data

This presentation will explore the potential of using structured data to improve the way we organize and access information. The talk will introduce the concept of knowledge graphs and discuss their potential benefits for both content creators and consumers. It will also touch on the role of headless content management systems (CMS) and document stores in supporting the creation and maintenance of knowledge graphs. Finally, it will discuss advances in AI/ML and provide some perspective on how this can supercharge content knowledge graphs. Overall, the presentation will provide a comprehensive introduction to the field of content knowledge graphs, the benefits they can offer, and the advantages of integration with AI & ML.

Track: Content KGs

Session Topics:

  • Graph Machine Learning
  • Content Knowledge Graphs
  • Content Management
  • Content Production using KGs