Radu Marian

Radu Marian is a Solution Architect at Bank of America, Research and Innovation Team of Global Information Security. Radu has specialized in building semantic knowledge graph solutions for cyber security domain – Cyber Control Ontology and Knowledge Graph. Other interests are Bible Knowledge Graph and building domain-specific languages for interacting with knowledge graphs, creating and building knowledge graph Thesaurus using NLP of existent corpora.


2020 Talk: Cyber Control Ontology and Knowledge Graph – a standard based cyber controls governance

Every enterprise needs an efficient cybersecurity controls governance. Cyber security executives have a difficult task of making cyber risk decisions based on answers to cyber security asset governance questions such as:

  • What control vendor products exist in the market for mitigating Technique Email Collection T1114?
  • Do I have necessary controls in place for CIS CSC-7.4 that maps to NIST CSF DE.CM-7?
  • (Response should include Teams/People, Process and Technology)
  • What are the metrics for a specific Control for past month, three months, and six months?
  • Do I have enough qualified employees to operate current and new controls?
  • What is the total cost of operating existent controls?
  • What controls will require additional budget next year and how much?
  • What is the cost of controls that have not been used for past six months?

This presentation introduces a draft Cyber Controls Ontology and Knowledge Graph to address the questions above.

View the complete talk in the KGC media library.