Melliyal Annamalai
I am a product manager at Oracle, in the database organization. Over the years I have developed extensive experience in unstructured and semi-structured data management. My current focus areas are Graphs, Apache Kafka, and Big Data. I enjoy working with customers and helping them use our technology to solve their problems, from small scale problems to those that have tremendous impact in their organization and beyond. Along with my colleagues I am on a mission to make our products as easy to use as possible. I believe in equitable access to education for all, and I spend most of my spare time volunteering in activities towards that goal.

2021 Talk: Developing Enterprise Applications with Oracle Graph

Application developers often need to work with a variety of data types, data models, and workloads within an application.  Oracle Database is a multi-model, multi-workload data platform with model-specific tools and technologies, enabling developers to build integrated applications while taking advantage of the benefits of each data model. This includes the graph data model.  Graphs are integrated into the multi-model database infrastructure, and developers can run powerful graph queries and analytics on all their data.  We will explore new tools in the Oracle Database platform that help developers get started with graphs in minutes, without specialized software.  We will also present examples of customers using graphs in production applications.

2020 Talk: Using Graph Analytics in Enterprise Applications

Graphs provide a new dimension to managing and analyzing data, and enterprises are keen to explore and adopt this technology. There have been some barriers to adoption, including a lack of familiarity with graph query languages and tools and challenges in integrating graph analytics into existing workflows without using specialized silos. We will illustrate customer use cases from three different industries and see how they overcome some of these challenges to successfully deploy solutions based on graphs, enabling significant impact on their businesses. The use cases are the use of RDF for a semantic terminology server in Pharma, use of RDF for linking public data sets (Department of National Statistics in Japan), and use of Property Graphs for fraud detection (Paysafe, an online payments solutions company). View the complete talk in the KGC media library.