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The Knowledge Graph Conference 2020 agenda is now live!

Check it out.  

May 4-5  Workshops & Tutorials

2 workshops and 7 tutorials on building the state of the art KGs


May 6-7  Main Conference

30 speakers of KG pioneers and leaders sharing vision for KG innovations

KGC 2020 Tickets
 Join over 130 currently registered attendees.
Enjoy access to all talks, workshops, and tutorials for only $160.


KGC 2020 Special Events

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation
We are delighted to announce that we will launch the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKG Foundation) during the KGC 2020 on May 5th at 1:30 pm.

The EKG Foundation is a new non-profit organization focusing on the growth of the marketplace for semantic technology, the development of best practices for sustainable EKG, and the adoption of a shared infrastructure for collaborative data management.  KG Startup Pitch
  This event provides KG startups the opportunity to pitch to and receive direct feedback from a panel of top-tier investors from Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Tessera Venture Partners, Frontline Ventures and more.

If selected to participate, startups will receive a complimentary ticket to the conference, and will prepare a 5-minute pitch for a live session with investors on May 5th, 10am-12pm. The finalist will present on the virtual main stage of the Knowledge Graph Conference on May 6th- 7th.

Interested? Apply here:   

KG Meetup
Knowledge Graphs to Fight Covid 19 Meetup – Part 2

Continued lively discussion on how knowledge graphs are being leveraged to address the challenges of the Covid19 pandemic.

View the Zoom video here. The segments are as follows: 12:15pm EST – Chris Mungal, Department Head, Molecular Ecosystems Biology, Berkeley Lab 12:30pm EST – Aaron Bradley, The Graph Lounge 12:45pm EST – David Booth, Yosemite Project 1pm EST – Egon Willighagen, Department of Bioinformatics – Maastricht University. 1:15 EST – Kurt Kagle, Founder, Semantical LLC, on news and safety measures aggregation. And here’s a nice summary of the meetup from Aaron Bradley.

Upcoming KG Events   

TopQuadrant Webinar How Implementing Data Governance with Knowledge Graphs Enables Enterprise AI, April 16  

Connected Data London Online Meetup Facilitating COVID-19 Research, Connecting the Dots with Graph Analytics & Knowledge Graphs, April 22

Knowledge Graphs in the News

Coronavirus pandemic has prompted new vocabularies at   

Potential new treatment for COVID-19 enters trials, uncovered by BenevolentAI via its knowledge graph.   

US Department of State Partners with Yext to Develop COVID-19 Information Hub.
Ideas & Insights

Stanford University KG Seminar Session 1 – What is a Knowledge Graph?
How to create quality articles across languages on Wikipedia? Wikidata founder Denny Vrandecic proposed solutions – Abstract Wikipedia and Wikilambda. Fore more on Denny’s vision, check out his talk at KGC 2019.    

Walmart Lab has been working on a Retail Graph to empower their semantic search engine and product recommendation. Here’s how they do it.   

A comprehensive effort to organize and represent the most current knowledge of coronavirus biology and pathophysiology – COVID-19 Knowledge Graph – a computable, multimodal, cause-and-effect knowledge model by researchers from German and India.    

Understanding the effects of the pandemic on real estate requires property level data, where Ron Bekkerman, CTO of Cherre, one of our KGC 2020 speakers suggested rethinking the models to assess the blanket effect of stay-at-home order on real estate property.   

The structured representation of scholarly knowledge via Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG) has enabled the automation of literature overviews, the progression and the current state of knowledge as well as machine actionable data analytics. See how it is done on the COVID-19 research.  

Ontology driven data architectures has demonstrated rapid adaptation and evolvability in the COVID19 project led by Data Language for Cochrane, a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health. 

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