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KGC 2020 Goes Virtual

Hi everyone,

The health and well-being of the KGC community is our top priority.

Due to the growing concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19), and following the best practices recommended by the CDC and WHO, we have decided to reimagine KGC 2020 to be a complete virtual experience that takes place on May 4–7.

The Knowledge Graph Conference 2020 will be transformed into a global, digital-first, multi-day event that connects attendees and speakers through streamed keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, tutorials and more.

This opens up a lot of potential, making the conference more accessible to mass audiences around the globe, more interactive and dynamic in a digital way, and more customizable to individual learning and relearning.

As we work through the details of this virtual conference experience in the coming weeks, we will continue to share updates with you via the newsletter.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all online in May.

KGC 2020 Speakers To Be Announced Next Week

We have an amazing lineup of speakers this year! Stay tuned.

KGC 2020 Tickets

New registration details for our virtual event coming shortly.

Investor Pitch

The KGC 2020 will include an investor pitch session for early-stage startups in the knowledge graph space. If you are interested in participating as an investor or startup, please contact

KGSG Workshop

Help the United Nations achieve sustainable development goals at the KGC 2020 – Knowledge Graphs for Social Good Workshop. Apply here.

Knowledge Graphs in the News


Stardog – the company that launched the first Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform – was recognized as the #7 Most Innovative Company among Enterprises by Fast Company.

Stardog also recently open-sourced the first data model template for the Cloud Information Model.

TigerGraph brings “No Code” advanced graph analytics to everyone with a new release.


Bank Mandiri – the largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, loans and deposits – turns to Microsoft amid digital ambitions that include creating a knowledge graph for better decision making and data governance.


Google Healthcare Knowledge Graph – Google now showing ‘specialists’ tab in health condition knowledge cards on mobile.


Dice – a leading career hub for technology professionals – has integrated an AI solution TalentSearch powered by Dice’s proprietary IntelliSearch™ and Knowledge Graph to provide tech employers the fastest way to a short list.


Stanford University now offers a Knowledge Graphs course.

DeepMind researchers in collaboration with Stanford University have presented a general framework for learning simulation using graph networks (GN).


BenevolentAI analyses approved drug Baricitinib as potential Covid-19 treatment.
BenevolentAI’s knowledge graph ingests scientific literature at scale and uses machine learning to derive contextual relationships between genes, diseases, drugs and biological pathways.

Kena.AI launches state-of-art AI based piano music transcription.
Kena creates a “music expression graph” based on the tonality, compositional architecture and the feel of the music.

Art Aia enriches artists’ online presence.
Art Air innovates brand management through content creation, online property optimization, Wikimedia projects and social media management.

Interos raises $17.5 Million funding in series B.
Interos uses machine learning to build and maintain the world’s largest knowledge graph of over 50 million relationships to discover and monitor the entirety of a supplier ecosystem.

Fluree secures investment from Engage in seed round.
Fluree’s data-first tech stack – built on blockchain cryptography and semantic graph – sees significant traction in enterprise AI, microservices and consortium blockchains.

Unitary raises £1.3 million in seed round.
Unitary develops AI that ease content moderation.


If you don’t claim your Google Knowledge Panel – Pranksters Replace Google’s Democratic Party Donkey Logo With A Rat.

Ideas & Insights

How Semantic AI Is Shaking Up Business Models In The Banking Sector – The latest from the Forbes Council.

Will Your Company Make It Into the AI-Powered Future? – The central role of ontology.

Global Graph Database Market Set To Cross USD 5.6 Billion by 2024 – An industry report.

How Technology Can Identify Coronavirus Outbreak Travel Patterns – From Michael McCracken, Intelligence Analyst and Director of Solutions Architecture for Siren.

What & why: Graph machine learning in distributed systems – Graph representation of data has shown promising results in predicting anomalous behavior for complicated distributed systems.

Why 2020 will be the year that puts the ‘AI’ in retail – The benefit of AI will be even more apparent with the widespread introduction of real-time product recommendations through Graph-based AI systems.

Combining knowledge graphs, quickly and accurately – Novel cross-graph-attention and self-attention mechanisms enable state-of-the-art performance, by Hao Wei from Amazon.

Making Data Analytics Human for Decision-Making – Narrative Science: “Knowledge graphs and an ontology forms the foundation of a data storytelling system, but it needs reasoning and learning layered on top to reach its fullest potential.”

That’s all for now from us.

Stay well.

KGC Organizing Team

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