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Hello everyone,
We have some exciting news to share with you!

KGC 2020 Early Registration Is Open

Early bird tickets are available until Feb 15.

We are thrilled to announce
KGC 2020 Workshops & Tutorials


Knowledge Graphs for Social Good (KGSG) – Best Practices, Methods and Challenges
Organizers: Vivek Khetan (Accenture Labs), Colin Puri (Accenture Labs), Lambert Hogenhout (United Nations)

Personal Health Knowledge Graphs (PHKG) – Challenges and Opportunities
Organizers: Ching-Hua Chen, PhD, Amar Das, MD PhD, Ying Ding, PhD, Deborah McGuinness, PhD, Oshani Seneviratne, PhD, and Mohammed J Zaki, PhD


Virtualized Knowledge Graphs for Enterprise Applications
Presenter: Eric Little, PhD (LeapAnalysis)

Data Discovery on a Free Hybrid BI / Search / Knowledge Graph Platform – the Siren Community Edition
Presenter: Giovanni Tummarello, PhD

Building a Knowledge Graph from Schema.org Annotations
Presenters: Elias Kärle, Umutcan Simsek, and Dieter Fensel (STI Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck)

Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs from Relational Databases
Presenter: Juan Sequeda (Data World)

Rapid Knowledge Graph Development with GraphQL and RDF Databases
Presenter: Vassil Momtchev (Ontotext)

Introduction to Logic Knowledge Graphs, Succinct Data Structures and Delta Encoding for Modern Databases, and the Web Object Query Language
Presenters: Dr. Gavin Mendel-Gleason and Cheukting Ho (DataChemist)

Modeling Evolving Data in Graphs while Preserving Backward Compatibility: the Power of RDF Quads
Presenters: Souripriya Das, Matthew Perry, and Eugene I. Chong (Oracle)

For more information about our workshops and tutorials, please visit our Workshops & Tutorials page.

We are still accepting
Presentation Proposals

KGC 2020 presentations are 20-min talks where you can share all topics related to knowledge graph technology: implementations, case-studies, software, representation formalisms, schemas and ontologies, data integration, and more.

Deadline Feb 28, 2020

And we are offering
Volunteer Opportunities

If you’d like to be involved in KGC 2020 as a volunteer Lead Organizer to plan and execute a top-notch conference (aka, KGC 2020), please let us know.

Upcoming Event
KG Meetup

Talk on Analyzing Knowledge Graph Base
By Marta V. Lopata (Thinknum & Kgbase)
Mon, Feb 10, 2020, 7 – 8 PM
Columbia University

What’s happening in our community?


Google Dataset Search is officially out of beta.

Pinterest Trends rolled out Interest Taxonomy: A knowledge graph management system for content understanding at Pinterest.

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Compact AI Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Solution for Human-Machine Interfaces.

DiffBot released KnowledgeNet: A Benchmark for Knowledge Base Population.

How well can computers connect symptoms to diseases? A new MIT study explore the benefits and limitations of health knowledge graphs.

Researchers create novel platform to standardize paleoclimatology using a linked earth knowledge graph at the University of Southern California.

Ideas and Insights

Knowledge Graphs for Financial Services – Deloitte’s latest white paper illustrates the path to unlock new insights from data.

Knowledge graph evolution: Platforms that speak your language –Surprise or not. Knowledge graphs are among the most important technologies for the 2020s.

Knowledge Graphs and Causality – Symbolic AI was one of the first branches of artificial intelligence attempting to explicitly represent human knowledge in a declarative form using symbols and rules.

The Multi-Model Knowledge Graph – A latest piece from Arthur Keen, one of our KGC 2019 speakers, on how the multi-model’s data representation will address the challenges of enterprise knowledge graphs.

Organizing the World’s Scientific Knowledge – Imagine the future of knowledge exchange in research by Sören Auer, one of our KGC 2019 speakers.

Last but not least

If you are interested in sponsoring KGC 2020, please get in touch with us at info@knowledgegraph.tech.

That’s all for now from us.

KGC Organizing Team

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