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KGC 2020 presentations are 20-min talks where you can share all topics related to knowledge graph technology: implementations, case-studies, software, representation formalisms, schemas and ontologies, data integration, and more.

Deadline Feb 28, 2020

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Marta Lopata, Chief Growth Officer from ThinkNum demonstrated KGBase to an engaged audience at Columbia University campus last week, showcasing two visualizations: 1) how her personal data is accessed by Facebook and 2) profiles of private investors advisor companies. KgBase, or Knowledge Graph Base, is a collaborative, robust database with versioning, analytics and visualizations.

What’s happening in our community


Managing eBay Vast Service Architecture Using Knowledge Graphs

Phunware Knowledge Graph and Data Exchange Yield Strong Results for Ten Million User Mobile Application Portfolio

New Version ontology engineering textbook is available now

Ideas & Insights

Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet – People used to think the crowdsourced encyclopedia represented all that was wrong with the web. Now it’s a beacon of so much that’s right.

Knowledge Graphs @ AAAI 2020 – Michael Galkin – Four main takeaways:

  • KG-Augmented Language Models In Different Flavours;
  • Entity Matching in Heterogeneous KGs;
  • Knowledge Graph Completion and Link Prediction;
  • KG-based Conversational AI and Question Answering.

Knowledge Management, Knowledge Graphs, and Ontologies – The problem for the current age is not how much knowledge has been lost, but how much knowledge has been created in the electronic age and and our ability to handle and make sense of all the information created.

Learn the fundamental algorithms and theories used for understanding large-scale graphs and knowledge graphs – From Graph to Knowledge Graph – Algorithms and Applications by Microsoft.

The power and convenience of connected data – Overlay a breaking event map of coronavirus in Southeast Asia with automobile manufacturing plant locations, to quickly visualize locations at risk.

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