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Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well. This week, we are thrilled to announce the following newly confirmed speakers to present at the Knowledge Graph Conference 2020.

KGC 2020 Speakers

Ora Lassila, Amazon Web Services 
Are Knowledge Graphs a good thing? What does it take to build one?  

David Kamien, CEO, Mind-Alliance Systems
How Knowledge Graphs Will Help Law Firms Win Business and Serve Clients Better

Neda Abolhassani, Accenture
A Meta-graph Solution for Recommender Systems  

Paul Groth, University of Amsterdam
Knowledge Graph Maintenance  

Silviu Cucerzan, Microsoft Research
Entity Linking: The Symbiosis between Knowledge Graphs and News  

Ying Ding, University of Texas at Austin
Knowledge Graph for Drug Discovery  

For more information on the KGC 2020 speakers, please visit our website here

KGC 2020 Tickets  
Tickets include free access to both workshops and all seven tutorials.  We also have a limited number of student discount tickets.   
KGC 2020 Workshops

Personal Health Knowledge Graph Workshop

 Join health practitioners, health informaticists, knowledge engineers, and computer scientists at the KGC 2020 – Personal Health Knowledge Graph Workshop, organized by researchers from IBM, University of Austin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Knowledge Graphs for Social Good Workshop

Help the United Nations achieve sustainable development goals at the KGC 2020 – Knowledge Graphs for Social Good Workshop. Check out their video kickoff by organizers Lambert Hogenhout, UN  and Vivek Khetan, Accenture.   

KGC 2020 Startup Pitch Event  

KGC 2020 will have a pitch event for early-stage startups in the knowledge graph space. If you are interested in participating, please apply here
KG Meetup Knowledge Graphs to Fight Covid-19  

On Wed April 1st, KG practitioners and enthusiasts gathered over our virtual KG Meetup to discuss the topic that’s on everyone’s mind – Covid-19 pandemic and how knowledge graphs could be leveraged to address this crisis.   

View the Zoom video here, and the segments are as follows: 
13:00  Kinglsey Idehen (CEO at OpenLink Software), Covid-19 publication cloud knowledge graph. 
29:45  Gilles Vandewiele (PhD student at University of Gent), KG on scientific literature on Covid-19 to facilitate meta-analysis. 
44:00  Peter Rose (Director, Structural Bioinformatics Lab, San Diego Supercomputer Center), community effort to build a Neo4j Knowledge Graph (KG). 
59:35  Leo Meyerovich (Co-founder, Graphistry), Project Domino.    1:13:35  Amit Weitzner (Co-founder and CSO at, Covid-19 knowledge graph. 
1:27:15  Martin Preusse (Founder at Kaiser & Preusse), Covid Graph Project.

 Knowledge Graphs in the News

Food supply system – Covid-19 crisis exposes its fragility.
Lister AI to assist companies with press relation.
Amazon Detective to help enterprises investigate security threats on its cloud platform.
KG Community Efforts on Covid-19

A.I. finds 3 COVID-19 symptoms that lead to severe cases.  

Transforming genetic medicine as the medical standard of care.  

Estimote wearables track workers to curb COVID-19 outbreak.  

Data.World offers coronavirus related datasets, including a Twitter disinformation analysis.   

Microsoft Bing released a web portal for COVID 19 target identification and tracking.   

Databricks uses Apache Spark to help healthcare IT firms analyze huge data sets.   

GraphAware Hume helps governments with contact tracing.   

Element AI introduced a search tool that explores the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset.  

tellic graph – an AI-powered literature review tool to expedite biopharma research.
Ideas & Insights
Searching for Actions on the Hyperbole – deep learning meets knowledge graphs for video understanding.   

Architecture for a multilingual Wikipedia from Denny Vrandecic, one of our KGC 2019 Speaker.   

A debate between AI experts shows a battle over the technology’s future.    
Physical Distancing boosts AI-powered online education in China.
Last but not least

If you are interested in sponsoring KGC 2020, please see our updated sponsorship package and get in touch with us at 

If you are interested in volunteering for the KGC 2020, please also contact us at 
That’s all for now from us.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at KGC 2020 in May.

KGC Organizing Team

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