KGC 2020 Announcement – KGC Newsletter Issue 04

Hi everyone,

We are closely monitoring the latest developments on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and will be following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and CDC accordingly.

As of now, the Knowledge Graph Conference 2020 is to take place on May 6-7 at Columbia University, as scheduled.

However, the workshops and tutorials on May 4-5 will be moved to an online environment, in accordance with Columbia University’s policy regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. The fluidity of the situation means that event details might still change, and we will provide updates promptly.

We appreciate your understanding and support at this time. This is certainly a unique circumstance, but we believe this to be an opportunity for us to further grow as a digital community.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

More on KGC 2020

KGSG Workshop

Help the United Nations achieve sustainable development goals at the KGC 2020 – Knowledge Graphs for Social Good Workshop. Any relevant work on poverty, healthcare, education, and sustainability in the context of new and scalable techniques for knowledge graph creation, data population, and application is welcome to be submitted here.

Investor Pitch

We are very pleased to announce that KGC 2020 will include an investor pitch session for early-stage startups in the knowledge graph space. If you are interested in participating as an investor or startup, please contact


We are offering volunteering opportunities at KGC 2020. If you are interested, please apply!

KG Meetup Recap
Automated Generation of Large Knowledge Graphs

Mar 9, Columbia University

Maureen Teyssier, chief Data Scientist at Reonomy, presented how to construct a large-scale knowledge graph about commercial real estate to navigate the complex landscape of building ownership.

Maureen described the automated KG construction methodology she uses to integrate diverse datasets through entity linking and reconciliation. Instead of using a graph database, her team stores the KG as parquet files, uses Spark for analytics and dumps data in an elastic search cluster for user-facing applications.

Many great questions were raised from the audience. “I haven’t been asked tough, detailed questions like that for a long time. It was so much fun!” said Maureen, “Feeling very grateful to have the opportunity to present at a meetup with such smart, engaged people.”

Since its establishment over a year ago, the KG Meetup has grown to be a thriving community on inspirational topics around knowledge graphs for existing and aspiring KG practitioners from a wide range of industries in the Greater New York Area and beyond.

What’s happening in our community


A Small Step for the Web – Inrupt, led by Tim Berners Lee, has recently announced a leadership team to drive the making of a new era for the web.

Breakthrough neuro-symbolic approach to infuse knowledge into natural language processing, from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

What’s the Future of Graph? Two of the KGC 2019 speakers – Juan Sequeda and Josh Shinavier – shared their thoughts in a panel recently at the Global Graph Summit 2020.

Apparently, there exists a Global Graph Celebration Day and you can do something fun on April 15.

Ideas & Insights

How does Coronavirus impact the global supply chain? Check out this piece on Havard Business Review by Pierre Haren (2019 KGC speaker) and dive further via Causality Link Coronavirus Tracking.

A revelation of the knowledge graphs history from 1980s to 2000s, including the little known early efforts of Microsoft.

State-of-the-art entity linking – an end-to-end neural network approach.

A comprehensive introduction to knowledge graphs for the insatiably curious mind.

Last but not least

If you are interested in sponsoring KGC 2020, please get in touch with us at

That’s all for now from us.

Stay well.

KGC Organizing Team

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