03-06 MAY 2021


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May 5th, 2020 from 1:30pm – 3:30pm EST.

Advance registration to the conference requested (click here).


  • Dennis Wisnosky – former CTO, US Department of Defense
  • Jacobus Geluk – Chief Technology Officer, agnos.ai
  • Dean Allemang – Author, Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist
  • Pete Rivett – Member, Architecture Board, Object Management Group
  • Michael Atkin – Founder, EDM Council and faculty, Columbia University

We are delighted to announce the formal launch of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKG Foundation) a new non-profit organization focused on the growth of the marketplace for semantic technology, the development of best practices for sustainable EKG and the adoption of a shared infrastructure for collaborative data management.

The idea of the Foundation has been brewing for a while.  It is based on our experiences building the collaborative environment behind the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO).  And it is grounded in our understanding of knowledge graph as the pathway forward in a world of fragmented IT with multiple models, terminologies and integration points.  The EKG Foundation will bring together the best of what we learned from defining the market for core data management far beyond the financial industry.  Please join us as we preview our future of data management plans.

  1. The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundry consisting of a series of portals providing access to published ontologies, offering a repository of defined use case trees, and implementing a collaborative DataOps environment for integration testing.
  2. Building the market for enterprise knowledge graph and demonstrate to business executives how to use the power of semantic technology (scalable, secure and flexible) to get business answers to business questions.
  3. Establishing the library of best practices for sustainable knowledge graph deployment by contributing our EKG Maturity Model (EKG/MM) a set of standard criteria for evaluating readiness and capability measurement in EKG environments.