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KGC 2020 is Up and Coming!

The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) is the premier venue for discussions on all things related to knowledge graphs and has attracted pioneers and leaders from both industry and academia. 

The inaugural conference themed “Knowledge Graphs for AI in the Enterprise” in May 2019 was a big success. It convened 35 speakers and 180 attendees from technology, finance, education, healthcare and government sectors across Europe, Asia and America. Find out more about what people were saying about KGC2019 herehere, and here

The upcoming KGC 2020 is promising to be EVEN BETTER! 

The Knowledge Graph Conference 2020 will feature stellar knowledge practitioners from around the world, present a variety of cutting-edge topics on the latest development of knowledge graphs with two days of talks and panels, plus two days of workshops and tutorials, and welcome a bigger audience at this digital event. 

Call for Presentations – How to speak at KGC 2020?

The presentations are 20-min talks where you can share all topics related to knowledge graph technology: implementations, case-studies, software, representation formalisms, schemas and ontologies, data integration, and more.

Important Dates 

Deadline of Submission: February 28, 2020

Presentations: May 6 – 7, 2020. 

To submit, please click here.

Each proposal will be evaluated on an ongoing basis by the conference program committee, which consists of practitioners with a strong industry and academic background on knowledge graph. As spots are limited, we will prioritize presentations based on the impact of their underlying work. 

Upon acceptance, speakers will be invited to give a 20 minutes presentation. Coaching will be available to help presenters focusing their message and insure the most impactful presentation can be delivered. If you have any questions, feel free to ask email us at info@knowledgegraph.tech. 

This Call is now closed. Please see accepted workshops and tutorials

Call for Workshops – Organize a scientific workshop at KGC 2020

The workshops are tailored for scientific communities working on highly specialized topics. They can range in formats, from formal (centering on presentation of refereed papers) to informal (centering on an extended roundtable discussion among the selected participants).

The workshop proposal should include:

  • the workshop title and abstract
  • a statement of objectives for the workshop
  • a topical outline for the workshop
  • names and biographies of the organizers, as well as a tentative program committee
  • if you organized a similar workshop previously, please provide us with information about the earlier sessions (location, outcome and attendance, etc.)
  • no more than 2 pages

Important dates

Deadline of Submission: January 15, 2020

Notification of Acceptance: January 30, 2020

Workshops: May 4 – 5, 2020

To submit, please send your workshop proposals to info@knowledgegraph.tech

Upon acceptance, workshop organizers will expect to publicize the workshop and ensure the quality of its program through peer review of papers by the program committee. The conference will provide a venue for half a day or one day, as well as a page on the conference website to be edited by the workshop organizers. Workshop organizers and participants will also need to register for the conference. 

This call is now closed. Please see the accepted workshops and tutorials.

Call for Tutorials – Organize a hands-on tutorial at KGC 2020

Hands-on tutorials are designed to provide audiences with practical introductions to knowledge graphs related topics by practitioners. All levels are welcome, beginners and advanced alike. The format of tutorials will be a mix of lecturing and hands-on application of the techniques. 

The tutorial proposal should include:

  • a title and abstract
  • a list of the topics that will be studied during the tutorial
  • names and biographies of the lecturers
  • software that will be required to perform the tutorial and the modality of availability (open source software, limited licensing for the duration of the workshop, etc.)
  • no more than 2 pages

Important dates

Submission deadline: January 15, 2020

Notification of acceptance: January 30, 2020

Tutorials: May 4 – 5, 2020

To submit, please send your tutorial proposals to info@knowledgegraph.tech

Upon acceptance, tutorial organizers will commit to develop and teach a tutorial following the topics presented in the proposal. Instructors of tutorial sessions will be expected to take an active role in publicizing and recruiting attendees for their sessions. The conference will provide a venue for half a day or one day, as well as a page about the tutorial on the conference website to be edited by the tutorial organizers. Tutorial materials should be sent to the conference organizers by March 1st 2020. Tutorial organizers and participants will be expected to register for the conference.

Program Committee

Michael Atkin, Columbia University

Francois Scharffe, Columbia University

Violeta Ilik, Columbia University 

Ying Ding, University of Texas at Austin

Deborah McGuinness, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Dan Brickley, Google

Juan Sequeda, Data.World

The program committee selects topics of presentations, and ensures the quality and the diversity of presentations at the conference.

Questions? Please email info@knowledgegraph.tech 

Other Collocated Events – Organize your own event at KGC 2020

KGC welcomes other knowledge graphs related events and meetings during the two days preceding the conference. These can be regular meetings of groups or organizations, standardization bodies or off-sites. The conference can provide a meeting room for up to two days on May 4th and 5th. For more information or to propose an event, please write to info@knowledgegraph.tech.

Sponsorship – Show your brand to the knowledge graph community

We offer a number of sponsoring packages. Please find sponsorship opportunities here.  

General Chair                                           Francois Scharffe, Columbia University  

Workshops and Tutorials Chair                Violeta Ilik, Columbia University 

Partnerships                                            Thomas Deely, Knowledge Graph Conference

Publicity Chair                                         Jianghanhan Li, PressDB   

Event Organization                                 Chantal Gagnon

If you would like to get involved, feel free to send us an email at info@knowledgegraph.tech