Yanko Ivanov

Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Solution Architect


Yanko Ivanov is an Enterprise Solution Architect at Enterprise Knowledge with expertise in strategy, design, and implementation of content management, metadata, and knowledge graph solutions. Mr. Ivanov has designed and implemented a number of enterprise content management solutions for organizations in the private and public sectors. Blending his technical background with his knowledge management strategy experience, he specializes in gaining a deep understanding of his client’s knowledge and information management needs and developing practical roadmaps to achieve their KM vision.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Making The Case For Connected Personalized Content

As a payment solutions provider, TSYS is in the process of implementing a new solution to produce and deliver connected, discoverable, and personalized content to its internal and external users. The advanced content authoring and delivery framework leverages the proven power or knowledge graph connections integrated with the granular content authoring principles of componentized content management to deliver an advanced, efficient, personalized, and richer experience to its authors, internal and external users. In this session, we discuss the business case and drivers for the new solution as well as the techniques we leverage like a unified taxonomy and auto-tagging, componentized content modeling and reuse, knowledge graph, and dynamic content delivery framework.

2020 Talk: The Curious Case of the Semantic Data Catalog

Knowledge graphs have been on the rise and organizations have found a variety of use cases for the technology. One specific type of use case is the implementation of a knowledge graph as a semantic data catalog. With the inherent power of the technology to integrate structured and unstructured information, the application of knowledge graphs as data catalogs seems to be a foregone conclusion. Capturing the semantic context of data in a smart data catalog application provides much more than a simple description of the organization’s data. In this presentation, we will discuss key considerations and business value of semantic data catalogs. We will also review a specific use case where we implemented a semantic data catalog for a government organization to help them track, discover, and govern a large number of data sets.

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