Xiaoya Wei

Xiaoya Wei is a Software Engineer at Airbnb. He leads the knowledge graph team and built Airbnb’s knowledge graph system from scratch. https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/contextualizing-airbnb-by-building-knowledge-graph-b7077e268d5a


He started the knowledge graph initiative and built the system into a critical component which powers all business verticals in Airbnb. He is now leading a team focused on knowledge graph infrastrucutre, knowledge inference & enrichement and various machine learning applications.


Xiaoya holds a PhD and Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Maryland College Park.


Knowledge Graph at Airbnb


Knowledge graph is an essential component at Airbnb which supports a range of products by serving structured and high-quality data. We will talk about our learnings from building the knowledge graph, and how we use our knowledge graph to enrich our understanding of the world of travel (categorization) and deliver more travel content (contextualization) to each traveler at every step of their trip planning and decision process.