Veronika Heimsbakk
Capgemini Norway
Senior consultant and semantics nerd at Capgemini I&D Norway. After receiving her degree from the University of Oslo she has been working with semantic technologies as a developer, information architect and advisor for clients in both public and private sector, nationally and continental. Since 2016 she has worked a great deal with the Shape Constraint Language; developing engines, constraining data for validation and for modelling knowledge. Apart from enjoying the wonders of semantic knowledge graphs, she loves teaching kids to code, LaTeX and hiking.

2021 Talk: Tales from the Road of Text to Knowledge

When transforming amounts of plain text into semantic knowledge graphs using Resource Description Framework, a service for automatic interpretation became apparent. Manual interpretation of text depends on human domain knowledge and discovery of entities and relationships in the text. This process is a highly time-consuming activity with a risk of misinterpretation. Based on the hypothesis that using Natural Language Processing techniques we can extract information and meaning from text faster than a human being, we successfully implemented a service for automatic metadata and ontology generation for a client in Norwegian public sector. This presentation will walk you through our hypothesis, the steps from text to RDF through Natural Language Processing, and our results.