Veronika Heimsbakk


Managing AI Engineer


Managing AI Engineer at Capgemini in Norway. Currently team & tech lead on semantics at the Norwegian Maritime Authority. Absolutely love creating SHACL models!

Talks and Events

2022 Tutorial: Tutorial in Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR)

Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR) is a language with supporting tools for representing and instantiating RDF graph and OWL ontology modelling patterns. It is designed to improve the efficiency and quality of building, using, and maintaining knowledge bases.

2022 Tutorial: Validating semantic knowledge graphs using SHACL

We will use a web based SHACL engine that can be accessed through any browser. No installation required. However, a brief demonstration of RDF4J’s SHACL engine will also be given through a Java application, that will be accessible for anyone through GitHub.

After attending this tutorial you should expect to have gained knowledge about how to constraint your RDF data using SHACL, perform validation, and be able to interpret the validation result.

2022 Talk: Growing Your Graph With OTTR

Adding large amounts of data to enrich an existing graph can be troublesome if the domain experts in charge of data are not necessarily experienced in semantic technologies. Using tools like OTTR might help out! This talk will introduce you to Reasonable Ontology Templates (OTTR), demonstrated through graph enrichment from a project in production.

2021 Talk: Tales from the Road of Text to Knowledge

When transforming amounts of plain text into semantic knowledge graphs using Resource Description Framework, a service for automatic interpretation became apparent. Manual interpretation of text depends on human domain knowledge and discovery of entities and relationships in the text. This process is a highly time-consuming activity with a risk of misinterpretation. Based on the hypothesis that using Natural Language Processing techniques we can extract information and meaning from text faster than a human being, we successfully implemented a service for automatic metadata and ontology generation for a client in Norwegian public sector. This presentation will walk you through our hypothesis, the steps from text to RDF through Natural Language Processing, and our results.

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