Vaishali Raghvani


Knowledge Engineer


With a strong background in Maths, Vaishali deals with Legislate’s knowledge graphs and has been responsible for incorporating them into the platform. Vaishali’s first encounter with Knowledge Graphs and semantic technology was through Legislate and she has really enjoyed learning how to maximise their potential. As a Knowledge Engineer, Vaishali is responsible for driving Legislate’s knowledge graph capability and finding new methods of using them for legal documents within the platform.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Knowledge Graphs For Legal Documents

Creating and negotiating legal documents and contracts usually requires legal expertise which can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses and unlawyered individuals. Accessing what’s in a contract and knowing which contracts have been signed is complicated because of the traditional text/pdf structure of documents. Legislate is helping bring structure to documents thanks to knowledge graph technology. Legislate is also improving the visual representation of contracts with knowledge graphs to allow non-lawyers to better understand their rights and obligations as well as other implicit information which can be derived from contract data using reasoning.