Trey Botard

Trey Botard is a Developer Advocate at Fluree, a North-Carolina based Public Benefit Corporation focused on transforming data security, ownership, and access with an immutable semantic graph database. For the past several years, Trey has developed software solutions at companies such as Lincoln Financial, Volvo, and BoA in various areas from natural language understanding, to automation, to data integrations. As a Developer Advocate, Trey is responsible for making Fluree more accessible to all developers through community engagement, content creation, and internal advocacy.

2021 Talk: Bringing Time and Truth to Semantic Data

Semantic systems provide tremendous opportunities to interoperate our data, facilitate shared vocabularies, and power enterprise knowledge graphs, but these increasingly distributed data ecosystems also introduce new instabilities and concerns. What happens when data we rely on is changing in unexpected ways; how do we build trust around open-access data sources; what happens if a dataset suffers a catastrophic update that disrupts the entire data system it participates in?

For data to participate in increasingly expansive and accessible semantic networks, it needs to be empowered with additional traceability, security, and trust. In this presentation, Trey will show how Fluree’s platform works to do just that, by building its semantic graph database on top of an immutable ledger backplane that introduces a sense of truth and time to semantic data. This talk will look at how queries drastically improve when they become temporal; how a ledger backplane introduces time-traveling data; and how trust in data expands when data can reproduce its own lineage or prove the identity of the individual or machine who transacted it. The goal of the talk is to demonstrate that additional security and trust is not only a prerequisite for more expansive & interoperable data, but also a guarantee of richer, more powerful data that extends the reach of semantics into the fourth dimension.