Thomas Mitrevski

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Thomas Mitrevski is a product manager with four years of experience working in the commercial real estate technology industry. In his current position, he guides the development of the company’s web, mobile, and desktop applications. He also provides strategic product direction based on input from internal leadership, industry-leading clients, and software integration partners. Self-motivated influencer with an extensive background in implementing AGILE methodologies and making data driven decisions to accomplish business objectives.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: How To Quickly Prototype A Scalable Graph Architecture: A Framework For Rapid Knowledge Graph Implementation

Organizations are increasingly confronted with knowledge and information management challenges that are best addressed through semantic, graph-based solutions, but are unsure where to get started. A key element contributing to the success of graph technologies will be the ability to rapidly prototype and develop knowledge graph solutions for business users to see value quickly. However, current limitations in the way large organizations manage and maintain data make implementations challenging, often getting stuck in design phases. In this talk, Thomas Mitrevski and Sara Nash will present a framework to rapidly create a working semantic architecture to connect users to their organizational information in a quick and efficient manner. The framework includes the development of a foundational semantic model (e.g. taxonomies/ontologies) and resources and skill sets needed for successful initiatives so that your knowledge graph products can scale, as well as the data architecture and tooling required (e.g., cataloging and storage) for enterprise-scale implementation. Sara and Thomas will provide real-world examples from their direct experience in driving several knowledge graph implementation initiatives, sharing lessons learned and key takeaways.