Sidharth Ramachandran

RTL Germany

Senior Director, Knowledge Engineering


Sidharth is the Senior Director, Knowledge Engineering at RTL where he leads multiple data product teams who analyse, enrich and improve content understanding. He is also the co-author of the book “Blueprints for Text Analytics” that is published by O’Reilly.

Talks and Events

Building a Content Knowledge Graph for RTL

We started our Knowledge Graph journey with a content knowledge graph that helps us unify and connect various media types for our multi-purpose streaming platform (RTL+). We include media, entities & enriched metadata from Movies, Series, Music, Podcasts and Audiobooks. But we soon realised that our knowledge graph has relevant applications in many more areas across the organisation and can serve as a single source-of-truth that can enable use-cases much beyond the streaming app. In this presentation, we would like to share our business use case, experience, and learnings from our knowledge graph development journey.

Track: Content KGs

Session Topics:

  • Business Use Cases
  • Content Knowledge Graphs