Shyamal Shukla


Principal Software Engineer


Navigating through the ever changing and mesmerizing world of technology. Started with the resource intensive embedded world manipulating the smallest units of data gradually moved up to the connected world of entities, inferring and managing the vast connections between them.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Identifying Profitable Investments Through Financial Knowledge Graphs

“Data [information] is the new oil” – and this applies equally well to financial markets. Like any other resource, the prices of financial assets are also a function of information. Such financial assets represented as entities in a knowledge graph, and their relationships with other entities, is a very intuitive and visual way to navigate their dependencies. This allows users access to not only access the immediate factors – such as earnings, but also relationships – such as stocks held by insiders and other influential investors. This could be several hops away and still have meaningful impact on the company, and its stock price.
With this goal, we are working on organizing this information and making it available to users at 
In addition to the tier 1 metrics about a stock, we are using “expert” investor interest as a way to access other deeper and subtle factors which are part of their research process. This information is live at the ‘investors’ tab on the stock details page – for e.g. (MSFT)