Shashank Jatav


Director Data Products


Shashank Jatav is Director of Data Products at Elucidata. His primary job is curation of public and proprietary data and ingesting them to Polly (our data platform) using deep learning NLP.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Building a knowledge graph of biomedical entities (genes, diseases, proteins, pathways) using a gene signature representing a particular disease condition or perturbation using half a million FAIR datasets

Polly has more than 1 million curated FAIR datasets. These datasets come from different sources, are of different types, and measure different entities. These entities like RNA/cDNA, proteins, metabolites and other molecules have complex interactions with each other which give rise to different phenotypes. Here we use half a million omics datasets to create a knowledge graph that can use both the data and metadata to give insights in various biological conditions (diseases, treatments etc.)