Ryan Wright


Founder & CEO


Ryan Wright is the creator of Quine, and has been leading software teams focused on data infrastructure and data science for two decades. He has served as principal engineer, director of engineering, principal investigator on DARPA-funded research programs, and is currently the founder and CEO of thatDot—the company supporting the new open source streaming graph: Quine. Ryan particularly enjoys the philosophical ends of computer science—especially making them more practical and useful; that usually involves topics related to language, meaning, and data.

Talks and Events

Streaming Graphs, Because We Cannot Afford to Query Anymore

Graphs help answer complex questions, but they have traditionally been far too slow to be used in high-volume streaming data applications. While graph _databases_ have served batch-processing use cases for decades, a new streaming architecture is showing profound results for modern high-volume data pipelines. Quine (https://quine.io) is a new open source “streaming graph” with a fundamentally new architectural design allowing the common property graph data model to easily scale beyond millions of events per second. This talk will explore the design and applications of the Quine streaming graph for modern high-volume data pipelines.

Track: Data Architecture

Session Topics:

  • Streaming graph
  • Data architecture
  • Data management
  • Business use cases
  • Graph data science
  • Event driven
  • Stream processing
  • Data pipelines
  • Complex event processing