Rajat Saxena


Software Engineering Manager


I am an Engineering Manager in the Fraud Prevention department at Booking.com, based out of Amsterdam. My team works on building innovative platforms and services to improve fraud detection and minimising fraud losses. Prior to this, I was working as a Software Engineer in Facebook’s London office.

Talks and Events

Fraud Networks : Our Answer to Detecting Fraudster Webs

This talk will be about understanding graph technology as a solution to detect transitive relationships between indicators of fraud, and help uncover new networks of fraudsters before they scale. We will talk about building an in house ecosystem that stores fraud events as graph data and emits graph features to power our fraud controls. We will end by discussing about scaling the technology to solve problems in multiple fraud domains and the challenges involved there.

Track: Business Use-Cases

Session Topics:

  • Business use cases
  • Application in domain: Fraud detection
  • Graph Data Science
  • Graph Machine Learning