Prasad Yalamanchi

Lead Semantics, Inc.



Founder, CEO of Lead Semantics, Inc. MSCS from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Two decades of hands on experience in Symbolic, Knowledge based systems, Dynamic Programming (Lisp), Computational Linguistics, Data analytics, Distributed and Parallel systems, Compilers & Debuggers. Last 4 years had been working with Neural Language Models.

Talks and Events

Automated ESG Knowledge Extraction from News

Presentation covers a technology used to automate Knowledge extraction from Text. This novel technology blends neural language models, semantic tech, rule systems, linguistic theory to achieve reliable extraction performance. Specifically, the dicussion will focus on the work done together with Dow/Factiva, involving the extraction of facts buried in news articles, news letters, reports, etc. about the subject area of ESG (Environmental..) through the application of a homegrown ESG taxonomy and ontology. Extracted facts are output as RDF triples and ingested into a Semantic Knowledge Graph stored in a triple store. Also, the Knowledge graph supports BI & reporting over these facts (inferred facts with reasoning!) through standard graph queries.

Track: Environmental, Social and Governance

Session Topics:

  • NLP, NLG, NLU, Language parsing (Dep, Cons,..),Semantic Technology, Lingustic Theory, Ontology, Taxonomy, Entity Detection and Resolution, Relation Extraction, Knowledge Graph, Discourse Analysis, Coreference Res