Pete Rivett




Pete Rivett has recently joined Golden as their Ontologist. He has been heavily involved in many ontology and knowledge graph efforts, both enterprise-specific and industry-wide including the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) and the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) LEI ontology. He is founding director of Enterprise Knowledge Grapoh Foundation (EKGF) and for many years sat on the Architecture Board of Object Management Group (OMG), active in most OMG modeling and ontology standards.

Talks and Events

Building an Ontology for a Web3 Graph of Canonical Knowledge

Golden is building an open, transparent distributed knowledge graph of triples representing canonical reference data of billions of entities, using Web 3-based community reward structures for incentivizing, adding and verifying triples. It promises to address several of the issues that have stymied past open data efforts including skills, understanding and motivation.
This presentation shares the learning from building the extensible ontology to support such a community-based graph, which is both broader and more constrained than typical Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, while providing a service to them.
Key aspects include:
– Balancing business focus with logic and precision; and use of AI-based ingestion
– Choice of predicates and entity types (classes), supplemented with taxonomies
– Entity disambiguation via disambiguation predicates and external identifier mapping
– Use of qualifiers for supplementing the triples with temporal and provenance
– Working with the community for governing triple verification and ontology extension

Track: Ontologies, Taxonomies and Data Modeling

Session Topics:

  • Ontologies
  • Web 3
  • Entity Resolution
  • Taxonomies