Peio Popov

VP of Business Operations North America


I have spent all my career at the intersection of tech, law and finance. Started at IBM as Contracts and Negotiations, I moved forward to be part of the development of a system for a mobile payment system at SEP Bulgaria. I was in charge of regulatory compliance and contracting with banks, utility companies, and merchants. I also helped develop the PKI service and register the company as a provider of qualified electronic signature services.

At Ontotext I started as a Legal Advisor and moved forward to take over the Business Operations in the USA. At present, I lead the Financial Services and Media and Publishing verticals at the company where my focus is on the use-cases and capabilities, enabling better data and content management.

Talks and Events

The Fellowship of the Graph

The maturing of the knowledge graph use cases leads to the sophistication of the requirements. Despite vendor promises, a single product can rarely cover all capabilities for all knowledge graph applications. In this presentation, we will discuss our experience in implementing production systems using integrated partner technologies and collaborating with service providers. The talk will provide an overview of knowledge graph applications and their necessary capabilities, supported by case studies demonstrating effective combinations of technology and skills. Along with the more technical discussion, we will introduce the principles of complementarity, predictability, transparency and integrity, which underline our partnering relationships.

Track: General