Naveed Ahamed


Enterprise Data Architect


Naveed Ahamed is a Senior Enterprise Architect who holds strong expertise in Enterprise Data Architecture and digital transformation strategies. He has 15+ years of experience and is responsible for providing strategic data solution for complex and heterogeneous industry requirements across various industry verticals and portfolios. He has catered his expertise and delivered successful solutions for leading Insurance, Banking, Ecommerce, Prop-tech and Manufacturing customers(US, EMEA, APAC) and worked across different geographies (Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, India). He has played invasive role in many IT strategic initiatives and has the record of high standard industry deliverables. He has successfully played diverse roles in his professional journey and rolled up his sleeves to learn, unlearn and relearn best practices and next generation products and technologies. 

Talks and Events

Allianz Database GraphXL – Tool developed for exploring semantic relationships between database tables using Knowledge Graphs

On an average, onboarding a Data professional to any large organization takes around 3 months for him to really understand business and data models within the core applications. Once he understands he shall be productive. Allianz GraphXL solves this challenge and is now been used by Business Analysts, Data modellers, Developers, Data Warehouse team etc. who are writing SQL queries as a part of their day to day job to find the relevant data within few minutes.

Track: Data Architecture

Session Topics:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modelling
  • Graph Data Science