Michael Tung

Mike Tung is the CEO of Diffbot, an adviser at the Stanford StartX accelerator, and the leader of Stanford’s entry in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. In a previous life, he was a patent lawyer, a grad student in the Stanford AI lab, and a software engineer at eBay, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Mike studied electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley and artificial intelligence at Stanford.

2021 Talk: Automated Knowledge Graphs for Market Intelligence

Nearly every business is constantly trying to identify, analyze, and grow its market. Yet, traditional processes for data management inevitably lead to a database that contains missing, outdated, invalid, or inconsistent data. Automated knowledge graph construction techniques are a scalable way to maintain and enforce the quality of data in real-world business databases and knowledge graphs offer an ideal representation for modeling the complex relationships between business entities and for validating properties and constraints. In this presentation, we will cover lessons learned building a commercial system that maintains 250M business entities and automatically updates over 100M new facts each month as the external world changes.


2019 Talk: Knowledge Graphs for AI

Leveraging structured knowledge, whether about your organization or the outside world, will be a critical ingredient in the design of the next wave of intelligent applications—for everything from new app experiences to search assistants to enterprise business intelligence. Mike Tung explains how Diffbot has built the world’s largest knowledge graph, using an approach of developing technology for automatically reading and understanding information from the web. He will also give an overview of knowledge graph applications created by Diffbot customers.