Mike Pool

Morgan Stanley

Executive Director


Michael Pool has worked in finance for the last decade and there has worked on the challenges of utilizing knowledge graphs and ontologies to integrate datasets and solve problems including financial crime investigation, communication network analysis, technological resiliency, entity extraction and resolution, technology and data catalogs, data lineage and master data management.

At Morgan Stanley, he is driving efforts to develop approaches to knowledge graph implementation that facilitate data and model sharing across a large organization without creating bottlenecks of top-down model development and semantic resolution.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Categories vs Classes: Solving the Ontologist Bottleneck

A significant challenge in the implementation of semantic solutions in a large organization is translating domain knowledge into formal ontology. This presentation will discuss how we have integrated taxonomic categories into our ontology development process. Using taxonomic categories more extensively allows us to implement subject matter expertise more easily, distribute the ontology development effort, decrease time required for deployment, and ensure better knowledge sharing across the firm.

Michael Pool headshot