Mike Gilger

Modus Operandi



Mr. Mike Gilger is the Chief Technology Officer at Modus Operandi. His capabilities and experience include all forms of semantic-based data integration, data and knowledge management, process automation, performance improvement, and decision support.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: Document Creation or Knowledge Curation – Knowledge Graphs Change the Paradigm

Documents have been created the same way for over 100 years – since the first concept of a document storage system was introduced in 1911 (using a paper roll for the document storage) called the Hooven Automatic Typewriter. The document is stored as a monolithic blob – with all information necessary to recreate the document stored in the same blob as the content, markup, images, etc. If I want to use part of that document in another document, I copy and paste the content – creating duplication, and as soon as original or one of the copies changes, there are now multiple versions of the “truth” spread across those document blobs. Using a knowledge graph, we can completely change that outdated paradigm using concepts of knowledge curation and model-based dynamic document assembly to make documents more accessible, discoverable, and up to date.