Michael Atkin

Content Strategies LLC

Managing Director


Mike has been the analyst and advocate for data management since 1985. His experience spans from the foundations of the information industry to the adoption of semantic technology. Mike has served as an advisor to financial institutions, global regulators, publishers, consulting firms and technology companies on the principles, practices and operational realities of data management.

Talks and Events

2022 Talk: 2nd Annual KG Industry Survey

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) and the Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) are conducting a comprehensive global survey to capture baseline statistics about the size, nature and direction of the knowledge graph industry.  Responses will be kept strictly confidential.   This survey takes about 6-8 minutes to complete.   Preliminary results will be released at the 4th annual Knowledge Graph Conference (May 2-5, 2022).

2022 Workshop: The Business Case For (Semantic) Data Management

The business case for data management is crystal clear. Data is your most valuable resource. It describes your processes, your customers, your supply chain participants and your market environment. It is an essential factor of input into every aspect of operations that we’ve allowed to become isolated, incongruent and inflexible. It doesn’t have to be this way. This is a problem that can be solved.

The pathway to solving the incongruence and structural rigidity dilemma is to combine the principles of data hygiene with semantic standards that allow for granular meaning to be captured and exchanged across your organization. It is a story that is both simple and elegant – even though it has taken me almost four decades as the scribe, analyst and therapist for the information industry to assemble and articulate.

Michael Atkin constructed this executive workshop to present a clear rationale for semantic data management as a business imperative. It is presented as a complete business case in concise language without technical jargon. I will present use cases where semantic standards are most valuable, balanced against the costs and obstacles associated with organizational alignment and program implementation.

This is a course for those responsible for the development of data strategy … those involved in positioning the data management value proposition to business and technology executives … and those responsible for converting data from a problem to be managed to a resource to be employed. We have designed it as an interactive workshop supported by stories and anecdotes that illustrate the benefits of information literacy in the digital world.

2021 Panel: KGs Adoption in Finance

2019 Talk: Knowledge graph potential 

Atkin refers Knowledge graphs as the mechanism for managing interconnectivity of data. Formal ontology enables us to capture precise meaning. Ontologies expressed in Web standards (RDF and OWL) allow for flexible query. Knowledge graph is the term of art to describe this confluence of precision and analytical flexibility – and is one of the most important developments for the representation of knowledge.