Michael Andrews


Content Strategy Evangelist


Michael Andrews is content strategy evangelist with Kontent.ai, a headless CMS. He’s presented at numerous conferences on content structure, metadata, and governance, such as LavaCon, the Taxonomy Bootcamp, and the Information Architecture Conference. He has a MSc in human-centered computing systems from the University of Sussex

Talks and Events

Headless Content and Knowledge Graphs: Parallels and Divergences

There’s been growing discussion recently concerning “content graphs” that utilize graph relationships to manage content for online publication. Some have observed the similarities between knowledge graphs and headless content management and have sought to combine these approaches. Yet how compatible are these approaches in practice? After examining the overlaps between knowledge graphs and headless CMS, the presentation will explore the assumptions embedded in making them work together, and how these assumptions may run up against scenarios they are poorly equipped to handle. The talk will address the differences in using knowledge graphs to support editorial planning compared with relying on them to support delivery orchestration.

Track: Content KGs

Session Topics:

  • Content Management