Matthias Broecheler

Dr. Matthias Broecheler is a technologist and entrepreneur with substantial research and development experience who is focused on disruptive software technologies and understanding complex systems. Dr. Broecheler is known as an industry expert in graph databases, relational machine learning, and big data analysis in general. He is a practitioner of lean methodologies and experimentation to drive continuous improvement. Dr. Broecheler is the inventor of the Titan graph database and a founder of

 2021 Event: AMA with the Authors of The Practitioner’s Guide to Graph Data

Got a question about graphs?
Come ask in this session! Denise Gosnell and Matthias Broecheler recently published a book about graphs and are taking your questions. Combined, they have over 25 years of experience working with graph technologies spanning the full stack. Come with your questions and stay for the lively conversation!