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Mark is an ontologist and software architect/developer with decades of experience designing and building software and data-centric systems for government and Fortune 100 commercial clients. He got into the Semantic Web in 2004, and his experience ranges from pure ontology development to large scale RDF applications with billions of triples. Mark has been an author and invited speaker in the Semantic Web community since 2009. With Semantic Arts, Mark gets to apply a broad range of skills including ontology modeling, software development, and project management. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. Go Knights!

Talks and Events

Jump Start Your Knowledge Graph with gist!

Knowledge Graphs (KG) are rapidly gaining ground as a representation of choice for modeling highly linked data! If done well, using OWL to define the KG’s metamodel allows for the meaning of the concepts to be sharable, unambiguous, deeply logical, consistent, and capable of inferring new knowledge via automated reasoners. However, “doing an OWL model well” is often pretty difficult. That’s where gist can help. gist is Semantic Arts’ minimalist upper ontology, designed to provide the maximum coverage of typical business concepts with the fewest number of primitives. As such, it creates a great starting point for any new semantic KG project.

In this talk, we will:
– Introduce gist
– Give some small case studies of how it has jump-started many of our real-world KG projects
– Offer some Q&A time to ask questions about gist
– Explain how you can get involved in using and contributing to gist

Track: Ontologies, Taxonomies and Data Modeling

Session Topics:

  • Data Modeling
  • Ontologies
  • Semantic Layer